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Alain Reix on armenian cuisine.

Alain Reix

Alain Reix (One-star Michelin chef, Paris)

Noha Baz:

"If cuisine is an act of love, this cookbook is its perfect illustration. Aline Kamakian is passionate about food and founder and co-owner of Mayrig restaurant (mother in Armenian).
In this charming place she was able to reproduce the savours of an authentic, Armenian cuisine, that only the love of a mother can transmit."

"To savour without moderation!"


Armenian Cuisine

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food," said George Bernard Shaw, and that love echoes in the flavours of Armenian cuisine.
It is the love of a full table in good company, the subtle and well-chosen ingredients, a wealth of the Mediterranean sun that transforms vegetables into beauty and fragrance and an afternoon spent cooking for your loved ones.

This Armenian cookbook offers a simple and complete introduction into the rich Armenian cuisine, illustrated with inspiring photos of real cooking.
It contains 139 delicious recipes, some plain and simple, others elaborate, but all complex, with a fragrance that has survived the test of time.
The Armenian cuisine has a big variety of salads and vegetarian recipes but also delicious preparations of soups, meat dishes and is known for its savoury pastries such as su beureg and mante.

Aline Kamakian, a passionate cook and co-owner of Mayrig restaurant, travelled with writer and anthropologist Barbara Drieskens to her homeland, Cilicia, where many of these recipes originated.
There they gathered stories, recipes and vibrant images that add to the rich history of passing on from mother to daughter.





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