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All of Armenia in a plate

Recipes transmitted from mother to daughter, practical tips, high quality products, a bit of magic and lots of love, generous hospitality and family warmth are the ingredients of the dishes prepared by Aline Kamakian in Mayrig restaurant one of the most famous Armenian restaurants in Beirut
Today these ingredients can be found in the book, Armenian Cuisine that she wrote together with anthropologist Barbara Drieskens.

By F.A.D.

" This wonderful cookbook

brings us an Armenian cuisine of intelligence and taste. It has that little extra.
It is a cuisine from the heart from grandmothers who spent their lives cooking."
"This cookbook is also a book of history and memory. A culinairy heritage that contributed in its own way to shape history."

Alain Reix (One-star Michelin chef, Paris)

Armenian Cuisine

A book that retraces the history of Armenians through their culinary traditions.
To recount the history of a people through their culinary traditions that was the task that Aline Kamakian, co-owner of Mayrig restaurant, and Barbara Drieskens, doctor in Anthropology, took upon them.

Armenia, my love!

Fresh from print "Armenian Cuisine" is not simply a book full of Armenian recipes illustrated with beautiful pictures. It is a journey in search of a culture and forgotten flavours that history exiled and confiscated.
Aline Kamakian and Barbara Drieskens brought us back the savours, colours and emotions.

By Carla Henoud.


A bite from ancient Armenia

Nurtured by the Armenian heritage and inspired by her "Mousalertsy" and "Tomarzatsy" ancestors, Aline Kamakian, and anthropologist Barbara Drieskens began their journey through historical Armenia; inspecting, gathering and unveiling stories about the most delicious recipes of Armenian food.
"Armenian Cuisine" introduces the Armenian cultural of food to the rest of the world through its spicy recipes that carry the most delicious flavors and aromas of homeland Armenia.

Zartonk 8 december 2011


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